among Top 10 Software Vendors – or: “ walks the talk”

By ranking among the top 10 software companies, Gartner included a pure cloud computing provider in its list for the first time. A few months ago after the ‘Dreamforce’ I reported the following about The company has set itself aggressive revenue and growth targets for the years to come. Let me briefly summarize several activities of the last months that are particularly important for Germany:


The news of the strategic partnership with T-Systems got lost between all the other reports and press releases during the CeBIT. The cooperation in regard to sales and distribution of the solutions in Germany, and successively in other regions, is not only of great significance for the future development of, but also for T-Systems.

The news that the consulting firm Accenture would acquire the Jena-based company ClientHouse indirectly reinforced the momentum of

Data Center

In 2015 is going to put a data center in Germany into operation. As the current survey on CRM in a ‘Software as a Service‘-model in German companies has already revealed, more than half of the responding companies consider a server in Germany a ‘vital importance‘. Hence, the geographical location will meet this requirement and this will provide further opportunities.


The “New Industries Business Unit” is supposed to offer custom-tailored solutions for six selected industries. The intensified focus on vertical solutions is a logic consequence to benefit of further corporate potentials.

Bottom line: takes vital action on various layers in order to be able to meet its ambitious goals. In another way: walks the talk.

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