About this website

The website for The-Industry-Analyst.com reflects fundamental philosophies of the company. The choice of the name was determined by the service capabilities of the company. Likewise, the selected logo, navigation and the choice to publish all content in two languages also play important roles.

The Logo
The logo is based on a modification of the Necker cube which is a well-known figure. This representation also stands for the multistable perception or ambiguity. Depending on the viewing angle, the logo for The-Industry-Analyst.com is either an orange cube in the corner of a gray cube or a gray cube with an orange cavity.

An essential motive for The-Industry-Analyst.com is to incorporate these different perspectives in the analysis and interpretation as well as to support these ideas in business. In addition, the mirrored logo indicates that there may still be more facets and points of view than those which are currently available.

The Navigation
The founder of The-Industry-Analyst.com was fortunate enough to benefit from some very valuable experiences as a student in Japan in the early 90s. During this time, he became familiar with the philosophy of Kaizen as well as Genkin-butso (“go to the source”) and the related so-called “w” questions (who, what, why, etc.).

Another approach to problem analysis that he learned during that time was the “five whys method.” This is an approach to a problem that asks “why?” as five separate questions to uncover the true cause (root cause analysis). These “w” questions still accompany Hassan Hosseini today in all situations and of course in his role as an analyst and consultant. Consequently, the navigation of the website was also designed to ask and answer these “w” questions.

The idea to publish all content in two languages is derived from interpretation of the principle, “think globally, act locally.” Without question, The-Industry-Analyst.com functions with worldwide themes and developments in mind while its activities are predominantly focused on issues of the German-speaking world.

As a result, The-Industry-Analyst.com publishes its content in German as its geographical focal point. The-Industry-Analyst.com is equally aware from experience that there are many companies worldwide who are interested in developments in the German-speaking world. Publishing all content into another language (currently English) takes these priorities into account.