CeBIT 2014 Review: The New Concept – or: “Light and Shadow”

Once again I traveled to Hanover in order to take part in the this year´s CeBIT. This trade fair is always a good occasion to meet many providers, to talk to users from numerous different countries and to catch various … Continue reading

CeBIT 2013 Review: The Cloud – or: “Same procedure as every year”

Tuesday – I traveled to this year’s CeBIT with the faint hope that I could make some progress compared to last year especially in the area of ‘Cloud Computing‘. To my regret, I was disappointed. How did I reach this … Continue reading

CeBIT 2012 Review: leading theme ‘Cloud’ – or: “To Call a Spade a Spade”

Monday – I’m looking back onto three days of CeBIT and ask myself what I was able to take with me. And yes, besides numerous conversations with providers and users, I participated in some interesting events and discussion rounds. However, … Continue reading