Salesforce World Tour Munich 2015 – or: “From rebel to mainstream”

Marc Benioff, CEO of, returned last week to Munich to start off this year’s ‘Salesforce World Tour‘. At this point, I could basically just refer to last year since it was a mini version of Dreamforce, the annual customer … Continue reading

Microsoft’s ‘Digital Transformation’ – or: “The customer is always right. Isn´t he?”

Friday. The press release for German Microsoft Partner Conference, which took place this week, was just delivered to my e-mail inbox. At this conference, the focus was on the cloud and the associated business models and revenue opportunities for Microsoft … Continue reading among Top 10 Software Vendors – or: “ walks the talk”

By ranking among the top 10 software companies, Gartner included a pure cloud computing provider in its list for the first time. A few months ago after the ‘Dreamforce’ I reported the following about The company has set … Continue reading

CeBIT 2014 Review: The New Concept – or: “Light and Shadow”

Once again I traveled to Hanover in order to take part in the this year´s CeBIT. This trade fair is always a good occasion to meet many providers, to talk to users from numerous different countries and to catch various … Continue reading

A snapshot : The importance of server location and certifications for CRM applications in a SaaS software distribution model.

The current survey on CRM in a ‘Software as a Service‘-model in German companies is in full progress. And even though it will take a while until conclusive results will be available, one or another trend has already become apparent. … Continue reading

Dreamforce 2013 – or: “ – Great Emotions, Great Ambitions”

Monday – Last week, I attended my third Dreamforce. Once again, the customer event in San Francisco exceeded its previous participation with over 130,000 registered attendees, turning the four days into another “Dreamforce Happening”. Great emotions arose during the … Continue reading

CeBIT 2012 Review: leading theme ‘Cloud’ – or: “To Call a Spade a Spade”

Monday – I’m looking back onto three days of CeBIT and ask myself what I was able to take with me. And yes, besides numerous conversations with providers and users, I participated in some interesting events and discussion rounds. However, … Continue reading

Microsoft pushes the ‚data protection‘ – or: “Trust is good, but no carte blanche”

First of all – I’m not a lawyer. However, for me as well as for other involved and interested parties in the cloud environment the topic data protection is of essential significance. Hence, I followed up Microsoft’s press conference invitation.At … Continue reading

SAP acquires SuccessFactors – or: “Old memories come alive”

Weekend. And before the final eventful last week of the year – amongst others the ‘6th National IT-Summit’ – starts, SAP announces the acquisition of SuccessFactors. Many things have been written and analyzed so far. Is the takeover price justified? … Continue reading