Salesforce1 World Tour Munich – or: “German Presence and American Show”

About half a year after the customer event “Dreamforce” by in San Francisco, with over 130,000 registered participants, the “Salesforce1 World Tour” was held in Munich. Not that I was expecting much new, but the announcement that Marc Benioff, … Continue reading

Dreamforce 2012 – or: “ – a hidden champion?”

Monday – After a long week in California, I’m back again and am now able to let my mind go – I can’t name it other than the “Dreamforce Happening”.’s user conference which I was able to attend the … Continue reading

SAP acquires SuccessFactors – or: “Old memories come alive”

Weekend. And before the final eventful last week of the year – amongst others the ‘6th National IT-Summit’ – starts, SAP announces the acquisition of SuccessFactors. Many things have been written and analyzed so far. Is the takeover price justified? … Continue reading