A snapshot : The importance of server location and certifications for CRM applications in a SaaS software distribution model.

The current survey on CRM in a ‘Software as a Service‘-model in German companies is in full progress. And even though it will take a while until conclusive results will be available, one or another trend has already become apparent. … Continue reading

Dreamforce 2013 – or: “Salesforce.com – Great Emotions, Great Ambitions”

Monday – Last week, I attended my third Dreamforce. Once again, the Salesforce.com customer event in San Francisco exceeded its previous participation with over 130,000 registered attendees, turning the four days into another “Dreamforce Happening”. Great emotions arose during the … Continue reading

CeBIT 2012 Review: leading theme ‘Cloud’ – or: “To Call a Spade a Spade”

Monday – I’m looking back onto three days of CeBIT and ask myself what I was able to take with me. And yes, besides numerous conversations with providers and users, I participated in some interesting events and discussion rounds. However, … Continue reading